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Our Dutch families are golden threads bound together by a sojourn in The Netherlands.  I weep with pain for those lost in the Shoah and am joyful when I hear of the birth of a new child in my extended family.

I dedicate my work to the memories of my father Morris Van Es and his parents Elias Moses Van Es and Minnie Woods (Decker).   The handful of family visits and memories hold a life-long place in my heart and when I began my journey in earnest,  I found databases, records, indexes,  and between the lines, stories of wonderful people

The family names closest to me are that of my great grandparents Van Es, Citroen and Decker/Dekker. Closely intertwined are the families Hamburger, Drukker, Spreekmeester, Abas, Konigswinter Kop, De Vries Jaffe, de Wolf, Garuiken, and Hartog.





There are also names whose presence are seemingly random, but provide a backdrop for the world of my family and add meaning to their story.  Most of my immediate Dutch family migrated to London before coming to the USA, settling in the Boston Massachusetts area.  A handful came to Connecticut, and that is where we were for 4 generations.

To all those who kindly assisted me, I thank you.  To all the new relations I have found and friends I have made in the course of this project, you are a source of enrichment to my life and to future generations.



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I apologize for any errors or omissions on my part. 

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